The sharpened interior and exterior design is not only a question of good taste, but rather a contemporary reinterpretation that highlights the look of the cars power and dynamic. The new design language of Mercedes-Benz is younger, fresher and enforces powerful accents on elegant detailed solutions.

  • Black Leather equipment
  • Color is Black
  • Zone Climate-Control
  • 1-3 Passenger seats
  • Mineral Watter
  • Fast Internet (WiFi)


The S-Class represents the superclass of the car brand Mercedes-Benz. Every touch, every moment with this unique luxury saloon is an experience to remember: travel, work, relax, enjoy in peace and arrive safely – no other car offers more than the top S Class model. It stands for luxury, design and safety.

  • Black Leather-equipment
  • Fast Internet (WiFi)
  • Zone Clomate-Control
  • Long Version
  • 1-3 Passenger Seats
  • Soft Drinks (Watter)

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