There is no greater sign of luxury, as to be picked up directly from the taxiway of the airport. CGN Limousine Service makes this luxury reachable for everyone – without loosing its image promotion.

Once the aircraft has landed, your personal driver will welcome you – or your guest. Whether he or she is a public figure or a business partner, doesn’t matter. You will see that everyone is treated equally – but still according to the national and international top-standards.

After your guest has left the usual procedures at the airport behind him, one of our experienced drivers will bring him immediately to his destination. We will, of course assist him also with the luggage. Every driver of CGN Limousine Service is characterized by reliability and discretion. Thanks to their many years of experience, they have acquired a reliable and forward-looking driving style. And of course, dealing with people from different cultures in the world is well known to them. Therefore, each of our drivers speak several languages, so we can always find a way to communicate with your guest.

Our vehicles are in the perfect balance between style and luxury. True to our motto “Drive with luxury and style”. From the outside, simple and elegant, from the inside up to date. An integrated wireless network belongs as much as an entertainment system to our equipment. For your safety, the vehicle is regularly serviced and maintained.

If you have further questions relating to our plane ram access service, then don’t hesitate to contact us!